1. Depoliticize the Police and the Judiciary.
  2. Strengthen Judiciary i.e. increase the number of judges and accordingly the staff at all levels. Introduce IT and Mobile Courts.
  3. Strengthen and increase the Police Force to match international standards and improve the quality of policing.
  4. Promote / enforce merit.
  5. Establish “Pakistan Security Authority” to regulate the growing Security Industry.
  6. Enforce traffic rules, particularly as this would instill discipline in the Nation.
  7. Reintroduce the subject of Civics in schools’ curriculum to create awareness about rules, regulations, laws, civil responsibilities and rights; environment, etc. so that “Rule of Law” can be effectively enforced.
  8. Revisit and simplify CRPC and use technology (IT) for law enforcement.
  9. Ensure that all law makers, civil and military officials including LEAs follow the law, rules and regulations. They should never be allowed to
    break any law.
  10. Take control of the Mimber. Friday Khutba should be issued by the Govt.
    Involve Khateebs in promoting “Rule of Law”.
  11. Ensure strict collection of Government taxes and dues and their proper utilization.