• Invest in modernization of Agriculture Sector by introducing emerging technologies. Ensure water security and efficient use of water; concentrate on increase in yield per acre; introduce new crops of high yield that require less water and have export market; give incentives and proper price to farmers.
  • Develop Livestock Sector; particularly for increase in milk yield and introduce pasteurization of milk. Develop the Meat Sector according to the international standards.
  • Promote modern / industrial farming and food processing; invite Chinese for this. Develop export surpluses!
  • Establish cold storages for fruits and vegetables for value addition.
  • Establish modern silos for grain storage.
  • Slap non-utilization / underutilization taxes / penalties on agriculture, industrial, commercial, and residential land. This will bring down the cost of land as well as generate money for accelerated development and job
  • Exert concerted efforts for development of Maritime Sector which can yield huge dividends. Modernize Marine Fisheries Sector and aquaculture to enhance exports. Shipping and modernizing of logistics can generate
    jobs and earnings. Pakistan can produce huge quantity of industrial sea salt like Mexico.
  • Modernize mining and establish downstream industries for value addition and promote exports.
  • Set up new oil refineries and upgrade the old ones. Develop downstream petro-chemical industries; such as Naphtha cracker, PP, PE, PVC and other products. Chinese are ready to invest. Gwadar was initially planned as a Petro-Chemical Center.
  • Reduce cost of doing business concertedly.
  • Give cheaper electricity, gas and water to the industry. Improve security and Pakistan’s image abroad.
  • Convince China to have Iran gas pipeline via Pakistan to earn transit
  • Renegotiate FTA with China, seek zero rate on all our exports and impose custom duties on Chinese imports. This will bring Chinese Investments to Pakistan.
  • China imports over US $100 Billion of food items annually. We should export raw and processed food products to China and get a major share of the Chinese food Markets.
  • Promote Pakistan as the “Halal Kitchen of the World”. And export of processed foods be undertaken in a big way. Develop halal emulsifiers and gelatin industries.
  • Develop large infrastructure projects; dams, reservoirs, roads, bridges, through issuance of sukuks/bonds to Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs). Establish Pakistan Infrastructure Finance Corporation.
  • Forget IMF and WB and get funds from China, IDB, KSA, UAE and Qatar.
  • Develop back offices in Pakistan for Chinese IT services providers. Actively promote Tourism Industry for both domestic and foreign tourists by developing hill resorts including Gorakh Hills in Sindh. Special develop
    program for:
  • Sikh Pilgrimage
  • Buddhist Pilgrimage
  • Sufi Safari – KHI to Kashmir
  • Air Safari
  • Development of tourism in coastal areas
  • Mountaineering and Hill Resorts
  • Develop lakes and lake resorts