1. \Create a National sense of Purpose and propagate it nationwide. The most unifying purpose would be to replicate the State of Madinah Al Munawarah by creating Masawat & Mawakhat. The Prime Minister has repeatedly emphasized this as his Objective in the Inaugural speech. This must become the rallying cry of PTI’s
    Government and should be pursued wholeheartedly.
  2. Develop sports and sportsmen to get medals in the Olympics, Asian Games, International and Regional games because such victories create instant pride, confidence and sense about Pakistani nationhood. Concentrate on both individual and team sports for victories in world events.
  3. Develop sense of pride and propagate the following aspects of Pakistan:
  • The Most Resilient Nation.
  • The Most Giving Nation.
  • The only muslim Nuclear Power.
  • Robust Military with Strategic Missile strike capabilities.
  • Modern Defense Industry.
  • Very Rich and Diverse Landscape, Resources, Flora & Fauna; as well as multicultural society.