Strategic Objective 9

Develop Healthy Pakistan

  • Use WHO’s definition of health i.e. physical, mental and social well-being and not merely absence of disease or infirmities.
  • Ensure provision of clean and safe drinking water to all the citizens of Pakistan.
  • Eradicate malnutrition. Introduce daily milk consumption by all school children. Improve supply of milk through establishment of dairy cooperatives, pasteurization of milk and value addition, powder milk production etc.
  • Ensure de-worming of children and women in particular.
  • Promote and use telemedicine.
  • Promote mobile health systems.
  • Organize health care involving family medicine.
  • Activate and strengthen BHUs, RHUs, DHUs, through community engagement and public private partnership.
  • Introduce school health services at all schools creating thousands of Jobs through public-private partnership and public oversight and provide       first-aid training.
  • Develop effective disaster management plans for all districts.
  • Ensure provision of ambulance services on public private partnership basis. Strengthen 1122 service in all districts.
  • Prohibit drugs / gutka and launch awareness campaigns.
  • Ensure compulsory Thalassemia screening before marriage.
  • Establish Burn Centers at all DHQs.
  • Establish Trauma Centers at all DHQs.