Strategic Objective 5

Develop Leadership

  • One year compulsory paid military service for the purpose of Nation Building for all youth between the ages of 17 – 18 years; subject to which CNIC should be issued.
  • Actively promote scouting in schools & colleges.
  • Promote student unions strictly on non-partisan basis in all colleges and universities.
  • Promote extra-curricular activities and nationwide competitions.
  • Organize and conduct team activities in the education institutions for grooming of leadership.
  • Announce National Awards and Medals for schools, colleges, universities,    Technical Training institutions, etc. for extra curricular activities, such as debates, quiz competitions, performing arts, sports, etc..
  • Promote Leadership schools.

Role of Youth for Nation Building

On June 2019, President NBI, V Adm S A Hussaini (Retd.) was invited as Chief Guest by Arts and Literary Forum of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology at Bashir A. Malik Auditorium on the topic of “Role of Youth for Nation Building”. President NBI addressed on the role of youth during fifth generation hybrid war fare. V Adm Hussaini motivated students and youth to contribute their services for Nation Building so that the Pakistan prosper. Registrar and Faculty Officials of Sir Syed University presented a memorable coin to V Adm Hussaini issued by State Bank of Pakistan on the celebration of 200 years of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s birthday.