Strategic Objective 4

Launch a Massive Drive for Universal Education for Development of High Quality Human Resource to handle Modern / Advanced Technologies,  Research and Development

  • Develop and implement training programs for all trades to build human capital for exports and local markets.
  • Development of foreign languages specially Chinese (Mandarin)  and Arabic skills for local and international markets.
  • Involve Private Sector in technical training in all the provinces. Use public private partnership model for all TTCs, VTCs, etc..
  • Actively seek new markets for our HR eg China, Malaysia, Korea, Africa, etc..
  • Link Pakistani technical institutions with foreign high quality institutions / universities eg City & Guild, UK; Sing Tech. Board, etc..
  • Establish technical training institutions and apprenticeship programs in all private and relevant public sector institutions.
  • All medical colleges to have training programs for nurses, medical technicians, paramedics, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Develop KPIs for all 58 R&D institutions of the government and implement an effective performance monitoring system for them.
  • Promote use of URDU for all technical education.
  • Move strongly towards automation of all government functions and ensure safety against cyber-attacks.
  • Strengthen Agriculture Extension Services & Trainings for farmers, horticulturists, livestock, fisheries, etc..


Teachers Training Program

Nation Building Initiative organized a Seminar under the strategy of Human Capital Development on Teachers Development to encourage and motivate teachers for growing the society in positive manners as well as patriotically. This seminar was led by Dr. Khalid Mahmood (General Secretary, NBI) with other members of Management Committee. V Adm S A Hussaini Retd. (President NBI) addressed as key note speaker and highly motivated the teachers community to spread the vision of One Nation and One Pakistan.

Nation Building through IT

On December 2018, Nation Building Initiative organized a Seminar under the strategy of Human Resource Development through Technology on IT Policy Making. The tittle of this seminar was Nation Building through IT and it was occurred at Bahria Auditorium Karachi. In this seminar, Minister for IT and Telecommunication Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui was invited as Chief Guest. Other dignitaries and IT experts joined the panel discussion session to advice the Ministry of IT for taking initiative for prosperity of Pakistan through IT and Telecommunication. The NBI management committee including Dr. Junaid Ahmed emphasized the Government to perform basic actions on immediate basis.

IT Experts Networking

On April 2019, Nation Building Initiative organized a Networking Seminar of IT Experts at Services Mess Karachi where the Minister for IT and Telecommunication Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui addressed as Chief Guest and urged IT experts and IT educationists to contribute in the development of Nation through IT. Minister for IT pointed to improve the curriculum of IT and Computer Science according to modernized applications and tools. He suggested a target of two hundred thousands highly professional IT Developers annually. In this gathering, members management committee of NBI participated while President NBI V Adm S A Hussaini Retd. introduced the vision and mission of NBI in front of IT Experts.

Chinese Delegation Meeting

On June 2019, The delegation from China arrived to meet with President, NBI V Adm S A Hussaini Retd. to discuss an initiative of highly effective Chinese Language Learning to engage Human Resource of Pakistan in different projects of CPEC under the management of Chinese Government. According to the NBI’s strategy of  Human Resource Development, President NBI ensured a cooperation to introduce and promote the Chinese Language Learning in Pakistan through signing MoUs with different educational institutions. In this meeting, Mr. Moin represnted Center of Professional Development.

Mother's Entrepreneurship Camp

stitute of Business Administration (IBA) invited President, NBI V Adm S A Hussaini (Retd.) as Chief Guest on June 2019 at Karachi University Campus to celebrate the graduation ceremony of Young Entrepreneurs and promote the concept of Mother’s Entrepreneurship to engage House Wives in domestic economical development. President NBI addressed to all participants and highlighted the importance of Entrepreneurship for economical growth of Pakistan.

ICT in Defence Strategic Reforms

On April 2019, President NBI V Adm S A Hussaini (Retd.) was invited by Computer Science Department of University of Karachi at Seminar on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Defence Strategic Reforms. In this Seminar, V Adm S A Hussaini addressed about the importance of Information Technology for Defence System Development.