The people of Pakistan are disillusioned with the current state of affairs in the country. However, they have hope and have shown great resilience over the past many years. It is their faith that keeps them going, which Quaid i Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah rightly identified as the core attribute of our Nation. Nevertheless, Faith alone cannot improve the state of affairs unless augmented by attributes of Unity and discipline as professed by the Quaid. It is the need of the time that in the light of these guiding principles, the people make a resolve to come out of the current quagmire.

A logical way forward would be to:

    • Unite the people by promoting the Vision that is given in the Constitution.
    • Thus forge them into a ‘Solid Nation’.
  •       Then organize this Nation to pursue the ‘Vision’.

The aforesaid process would require collective leadership; rather than a charismatic individual. In effect through this process, the required collective leadership will emerge.

Providentially, the enthralling and highly inspiring “National Anthem” of Pakistan is also reflective of the spirit of “Objective Resolution”.

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