Strategic Objective 7

Strengthen Pakistan’s Economy

  • Invest in modernization of Agriculture Sector by introducing emerging technologies.  Ensure water security and efficient use of water; concentrate on increase in yield per acre; introduce new crops of high yield that require less water and have export market; give incentives and proper price to farmers.
  • Develop Livestock Sector; particularly for increase in milk yield and introduce pasteurization of milk.  Develop the Meat Sector according to the international standards.
  • Promote modern / industrial farming and food processing; invite Chinese for this.  Develop export surpluses!
  • Establish cold storages for fruits and vegetables for value addition.
  • Establish modern silos for grain storage.
  • Slap non-utilization / underutilization taxes / penalties on agriculture, industrial, commercial, and residential land.  This will bring down the cost of land as well as generate money for accelerated development and job creation.

E-Payment Gateway "PayPak"

To solve a rising issue of E-Payment gateway and to promote economical strength of Pakistan through facilitating to Freelancers, Nation Building Initiative struggled to launch an E-Payment Gateway. The Company namely 1 Link designed this system and NBI promoted it by counseling to merge with a Block Chain Technology for economic sustainability of Pakistan in future.